TAIWANG double color material vertical injection molding machine

2015-2-5 · Horsehair and horsehair waste, whether or not put up as a layer with or without supporting material Stigma croci corms Seed Bulbs, tubers, tuberous roots, corms, crowns and rhizomes, in growth or in flower; chicory plants and roots Unrooted cuttings and slips · · It have rich technic and all-ready production facilities, the certificates of measurement and safety, X-ray, 25T travelling crane as well as any kinds of production accessory equipments such as automatic welding machine, drilling machine, milling machine, planing machine,panel-rolled machine and panel-cutted machine The room of workshop is vast TAIWANG double color material vertical injection molding machine · · The machine is designed for installation in screen rooms of mills comprising OEM's. As a result, grain processing using this machine cleans the grain surface of ruptured membranes and partly from the embryo and beard, while the grain is removed from the surface of excessive moisture. Technical performance, t / h, not less - 5.65; ·